Life Isn’t Always Perfectly Balanced. We Can Help.


‘Stress’ can be a good thing, but often, our modern lives pull us in many directions at once resulting in distress. Did you know that our stress levels can be affected by aspects of our daily living such as sleep, movement, nutrition, mindset, and resiliency? An imbalance in one area could adversely affect the others!

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone responsible for the detrimental effects of chronic stress, including weight gain, memory loss, depression, low testosterone, anxiety, etc. Our mission at Biologic Balance is to:

  1. empower you to understand your sources of stress better

  2. help you to learn how your body reacts to stress

  3. teach you how to implement strategies to minimize its harmful effects

Become Your Best Biologic Self.

Together, we can help you bring awareness to your sources of stress to help you overcome them and be the best version of yourself. Let's get started today, whether that be through stress assessments, cortisol testing services, consultations, e-learning programs or 1-2-1 coaching!

All of our tests and services can be done from the convenience of your home. Cortisol testing is done using salivary samples, so there is no need visit your doctor or lab. Just spit—that's it! Our virtual assessments, consultations, and Instinctive Cognition program all make use of web-based technologies. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer to get started.