Knowledge is power. 

Understanding your body's natural cortisol patterns can help you better assess when you're out of balance. 

What is Cortisol? 

Cortisol is your body's main stress hormone. It's released when you perceive a threat. The resulting "fight or flight" response is useful when trying to overcome a real physical challenge, but frequently our cortisol response is elicited in inappropriate circumstances. Because our brain is lousy at interpreting the difference between real and perceived threats, (a bear attack vs. another email notification from your boss) many of us are living in a state of chronic stress which wrecks havoc on our bodies and minds.

How does chronic cortisol affect my body? 

While every body responds differently (which is why individual testing is so important), chronically elevated cortisol levels are implicated in:

  • Weight gain/Increased appetite/cravings for fats & sugars
  • Depressed Immune system
  • Decreased serotonin/dopamine (happy hormones)
  • Intensified ageing process
  • Decreased brain cells & ability to learn
  • Lowered testosterone/sex drive





Each kit comes with: 

  1. Screw top sampling tubes (for collecting saliva)
  2. Pre-paid return envelope/shipping container
  3. Detailed instructions for sampling

Results are returned via email typically within a week of sending. Full consultations and interpretation of results are recommended.