Drive deeper understanding. 

A full stress consultation, including a self-driven assessment tool developed by Stressmaster International, allows a deeper dive into the root causes of chronic stress. Kayla works 1:1 with you to develop short term and long term goals for overcoming issues specific to your individual stress profile. 


Advantages for lowering chronic cortisol include: 

  • Slowed ageing

  • Better decision making

  • Reduced anxiety/depression

  • Increased ability to lose weight

  • Becoming your best biological self!


About Kayla

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Kayla Lee Lander is a teacher-turned-business owner passionate about inspiring individuals to find balance in their lives. Since 2013, hundreds of students have attended her classes at Clemson University, she has helped civilians as well as veterans in her local community, and she collaborates with individuals around the country to help them reach their goals. Helping people to find relief and balance in their lives is what she strives for!